Something will happen, the mystery takes over the air! The anxious audience awaits the new, the funny and the feats never seen. Enchantment and magic ask for passage to stroke our hearts in scenarios of disappointments. Here, our arena opens space for diversity, where the encounter with the other becomes necessary for the great spectacle of life to happen ... challenges, fears, laughter, euphoria and ironies. Unique and non-transferable moments where we are all equal in this great plural and inviting spectacle that the Circus presents to us.

For the sixth time we will travel, taking in our luggage a fantastic universe led by virtuous mountebanks, great artists of the most distinguished places, taking risks in the mission of bringing the magic of circus art and sowing culture through Ceará. So will be!

Network Articulation

Angelo Márcio, one of the founder artists of the Festival, emphasizes the differential of realizing the event articulated with three other festivals of Ceará that happen simultaneously, being: the Festival Popular de Teatro de Fortaleza, the Mostra Dragão do Mar in Canoa Quebrada and the Festival dos Inhamuns. Circus, Puppets and Street Arts. According to Márcio, the action is very conducive to the moment of difficulties in cultural production, and has positive repercussions for all involved, betting on the collaboration of groups of artists from different states and countries, along with cultural agents, independent organizations and organized civil society.

In its 5th Edition in 2018, the Festival had more than 85 presentations of traditional circus, contemporary circus and street art. In the scene, 18 companies / artists of Ceará, 11 from other states of Brazil (05 of SP, 04 of RJ, 01 of RN and 01 of DF) and 12 international companies (06 from Argentina and one from Italy, Chile and the United States). The vast majority of attractions were selected from 350 entries. Other artists were invited, such as the Clown Pepper, Master of Culture of Ceará.

Off the stage, the Festival has a rich training program, called Luz no Picadeiro with workshops (09), seminar, show, book launch and a conversation involving about 30 professionals, among teachers, lecturers and space leaders.

In Fortaleza, the 2018 program was held at the São José Theater (recently restored Fortaleza City Hall), Cineteatro São Luiz (equipment of the Secretary of Culture of the State of Ceará) and Praça do Ferreira, in Sobral at Largo das Dores Amphitheater, in Canoa Quebrada in the Dragão do Mar Amphitheater, in São Gonçalo do Amarante in Praça da Matriz and in Paracuru in Praça do Igreja Matriz, Praça do Farol, Amphitheater do Farol and São Pedro District.

The 6th International Circus Festival of Ceará is an achievement of the Federal Government and the Ministry of Citizenship - Special Secretariat of Culture, through the Culture Incentive Law. With sponsorship from DASS and support from Aninger. It has the institutional support of the Secretary of Culture of the State of Ceará (Secult), through the State Law of Incentive to Culture (Law No. 13.811, of August 16, 2006). Thanks to Enel. The production is by Iluminura Produtora Cultural.
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